Best Poster Award Procedures

This year the poster prizes are sponsored by nestor. There will be two prizes awarded: 

  1. Best Poster prize
  2. Popular Choice prize

The Best Poster prize is awarded by a three-person judging panel, made up of one sponsor representative, and two judges from either the iPRES 2018 Organizing Team or the iPRES 2018 Reviewers. 

The Popular Choice prize is awarded to the poster with the most votes from conference attendees during the Posters and Demonstrations Exhibition Session on Wednesday 26 September.

Voting Process for Best Poster Prize

  • One of the Poster and Demonstrations Co-Chairs coordinates the poster award process.
  • Three judges are selected: one in coordination with the sponsor (nestor), and two from either the iPRES 2018 Organizing Team or the iPRES 2018 Reviewers. 
  • The Poster and Demonstration Co-Chair coordinating the iPRES 2018 Awards is Jaye Weatherburn and the judges are:
    • Tricia Patterson (Organizing Team)
    • Kari R Smith (Organizing Team)
    • Marco Klindt (nestor representative/coordinator)
  • The judges assess the posters according to the following criteria:
    • Quality of content
      • Does the contribution make a significant and original addition to the digital preservation practices or research?
      • Is there sufficient evidence for claims presented by the authors?
      • Are there appropriate references to previous work (if applicable)?
      • Are there outcomes that others working in digital preservation can benefit from?
    • Overall design
      • Is the poster easy to read, with the appropriate font size? 
      • Is the poster well laid out?
      • Does the poster take advantage of the digital affordances?
  • Based on the criteria, judges award points to each poster on a 1-5 point scale (1=least addresses the criteria; 5=best addresses the criteria)
  • The poster with the highest number of points is the Best Poster prize winner
  • In case of a tie, the iPRES Organizing Team will decide the winner through group discussion, using the same criteria as used by the judges
  • During the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday the Organizing Team acknowledges the sponsor and announces the winners of the Best Poster and Popular Choice Prizes

Voting Process for Popular Choice Prize

Instruction cards will be handed out to attendees to vote for their top 3 posters between 11:30am and 1pm, during the Posters and Demonstrations Exhibition Session.

Conference attendees will vote for their top 3 posters via the instructions detailed on the cards. At the conclusion of the Posters and Demonstrations Exhibition Session, the first and second poster awards will be determined based on the findings of the judges and the voting results.